August updates from Osaka

Hello All. Kana, Gracie and I just returned from a three day trip to Fukuoka (which is the big city on Kyushu, the island just south of Honshu which is the one we are on) to visit Kana’s Grandma Tomoe (toe-moe-ay), Gracie’s Great Grandma! Photos will be following in the next couple of days.

The other subject I wanted to bring up is the Friends Page. It has been working off and on and if you were to look back over the news items you would see many posts about our little guestbook.

Anyways, I have finally returned to the low tech original, although it will let spammers spam us (the reason I switched over to the new one), at least people can post comments with some assurance.

I am very sorry to those who have signed the Friends’ Page thinking we had received it, when in fact we hadn’t! Please re-post your thoughts when you get some time.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.