Order Out Of Chaos has finally launched!

I am happy to announce that I have finally launched my Order Out Of Chaos site (http://www.themercers.ca/OrderOutOfChaos/). It’s  a platform for project management and methodology which is what fills my work days. I love what I do and want to share it with others.

The purpose of the site is to:

  • Allow me to speak candidly about my thoughts primarily on project/program/portfolio management, secondarily on benefits realization management, change management and process improvement.
  • Explore how the above disciplines can be layered together and their effectiveness multiplied through systems thinking.
  • Allow me to explore the nature of variation (aka waste) and what we might do about it on the macro (e.g.: project management) and micro (e.g.: process improvement) levels.
  • Allow me to share tools and templates that I have either used in real life or want too but have not had the chance yet (perhaps even becoming a resource for new and veteran project managers alike?).
  • Share my experiences with using Microsoft SharePoint for project delivery.

I started creating content for this site back in the summer of 2012. Can you believe it took me almost 3 years to launch it?!?! Time flies when you are having fun. 🙂