New Website Domain:

WebHello. Well as you may have noticed, we have moved into our new domain space,

It was a bit of a trick moving over all the data, as I made a lot of changes to the backend of things (to the mySQL database for you techies). It required me to rebuild the Osaka Photo Gallery (now retired as of 2012) from scratch, but I needed to update a bunch of the pictures anyway. In particular, I doubled the amount of pictures from our wedding, this was because when I originally did up the website we were still having all of our pictures converted to digital.

The Forum moved over quite well although there might be a couple hick-ups so if you see something funny please drop me an email to .

Last but not least, Kana and I are working on a 'News' section called "Craig & Kana's Crash Course for Canadians in Kansai"…kinda rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Basically it is a collection of articles on how to do different things in and around Osaka, from buying a computer, to finding foreign food, to finding a nice place to go for dinner on a Friday night. We just felt we might be able to help other folks in a similar situation to ours! Hope it helps.