Hello from Victoria

Victoria BC

Hello from Victoria.

As many of you know we had a great flight to Victoria on April 15th. Gracie slept for 7 of the 9 hour flight. Next we breezed through customs and Adam and Sophia then chauffeured us to Victoria via the BC Ferries!

Since then we have settled in at my Mom’s place in Colwood and I have started back to work at Vigil Health Solutions Inc. where I suspect I shall be very busy soon. Kana and Yuki are getting used to the new climate as well as the totally new surroundings. Also, we have found a new place to live. A two bedroom basement suite near Tillicum Mall, 3246 Admirals Rd to be precise. It is just perfect with private laundry and driveway.

Craig and Yuki

Craig and Grace Yuki in front of the My Chosin Cafe

Soon after we got back Kana, Grace Yuki and I went for lunch at the My Chosin Cafe in Metchosin…the portions are big even if you haven’t been in Japan for two year so we were like “WOW!”. Very good food though…you just have to eat a little…that is the secret.

We sure are missing all of our awesome friends back in Osaka and we look forward to hearing from you soon (**Craig staring across the Pacific Ocean at Daniel and James**).

It’s good to be back.