Kana gets job at Footwork

Good news everyone, I got a job today. I received a reply for the interview I had yesterday from the company earlier and I’ll begin to work on the 13th.

The company itself belongs to the same field as DHL I worked for before I went to Victoria and I’ll be an assistant of a boss at the new work place. It takes me about an hour by train to get to the office in Downtown so it’s not too bad at all. There are some occasions given to me to use English in both writing and speaking which I wanted to have for my next job. I’ll be busy and tired for first couple weeks until I get used to a new circumstance, people and job for sure, however I’m so excited to get back to work after this long vacation.

I guess I will be able to tell you about the job and company in a time. Wish me luck on my new job.

Footwork Truck