Craig's other English Class

People. Now Craig is like one of the most popular English teacher in Osaka.

One of my high school friends Kyoko who runs a talent agency, she asked Craig to do some "English Class" for kids over a month ago. What Kyoko asked Craig to do was spending some time with kids maybe doing gymnastic stuffs 2 Saturdays a month and he said OK. After that, as everyone knows, Craig got a job at Kindergarten. Kyoko did let us know what age group of kids will come to Craig's Saturday class and we knew there some adults joining as well.

Right, having kids (2-6 years old) & adults both at the same time in a class sounds pretty odd. What kids would enjoy doesn't make adults being satisfied. Despite of Craig's anxiety, I asked him to do this things for my sake, for friendship between Kyoko and me.

Anyways, we had the first Saturday class yesterday. We got there to the classroom at 10:00 and everybody including kids and adults were already there. I could tell kids got so excited when they saw Craig at first. Kids were just running around the classroom and looked so difficult to make them calm. Then Craig began his class.

Craig introduced himself, me to begin with and asked everybody to introduce themselves. To our surprise, some of the adults (middle aged women) spoke pretty good English. Actually one of them told us she had been to Victoria. I've met quite a few people who has been to Victoria and it is amazing. Telling you the truth, I on the other hand, had never heard of City of Victoria before I thought of going there. What a SHAME!

Getting back to the subject, oh, kids weren't listening anything, which might be totally expected things, however it was horrible. Honestly, some of them were violent and weren't listening to Craig at all. I guess I should use "Gong Show" to describe the scene.

But people, I'm telling you Craig has something, if you don't know that. As he paid attention to all of them and tried to make them feel they were having a good time, he suggested to play some games, songs and stuffs. Although it took some time to make those violent kids into the mood of attending a classroom, through playing games Craig got them. A kid who was too shy to speak loud at first, he laughed and talked happily at the end. Other boy who was also shy, he showed us his interest toward English from the beginning though, started to answer to Craig's question with making eye contact which he couldn't do at the beginning.

Craig was impressed by how the kids got to understand games and stuff so quickly even they hadn't study English before and told them how they were smart and did so well at the first class. Kids looked so happy to hear that and I know that gave them confidence and some more interests toward learning new stuff.

Adults also looked enjoy the class but we though we need to come up with some better things for them to do for the next class which is going to be on Next Saturday.

We had a great time with people and will have another wonderful time with them next week.

We'll update about Craig's Saturday Class as well from now on.