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Dorikaze Flags AE86 & Old School Toyota Sites

Dorikaze Vancouver CruisinAE92 GT-S
Carl's FWD 4A-GE site out of the US.

AW11 Archive
Steve Neeses site with some great MR2 information.

British Columbia MR2 Owners Group.

American site for everything Toyota, especially Toyota Corollas!

COS Motorsport
An AE86 racing team out of Australia.

Dreams of Drifting
AE86 life site out of Calgary by Dorikaze's own Chris Migs.

Drifting site out of Toronto.

Garage |-" '|
Drift Team ouf ot New Zealand, with a knowledge base of how to articles.

International MR2 Owners
MR2 super website.

Jesse's AE86 page
Hardcore AE86er out of Portland, Oregon.

Johnny's Old Corolla Site
Johnnny Rochester's website out of Tasmania, Australia.

Neo-Force Drift Movies
Drift Club in Japan with lots of archived movies!

Old School Toyota Club of Bridgeport
Old School Toyota Club of Bridgeport Connecticut, USA.

Rolla Club
Forums, picture database and more.

Stepho's Toyota Site
Wayne Stephenson's super technical Toyota website out of Australia.

TakumiAE86's Import Page
Site about old school import life from Victoria.

Team Cipher
Old school racing enthusiasts out of the San Francisco Bay area, USA.

Team Extreme Motorsport
AE86 Racing Team out of New Zealand.

Team Toyminator
Old School Toyota Club out of New Jersey, USA.

The 72-74 Corolla Website
Tom's old school corolla website.

The Toyota Owner’s and Restorer’s Club, established in 1995, is an organization aimed at the enthusiast of all Toyota automobiles.

Old School RWD Toyota site from our cuzzies in New Zealand.

ToyMods (Australia) provides a friendly environment for Toyota owners and enthusiasts in which they can learn how to modify their car and improve their automotive skills.

Toyota Corolla AE86
Nice looking site out of the UK.

Toyota Mods
General site for modification of all Toyota cars and trucks.


Dorikaze Flags Motorsport Clubs

Calgary Sports Car Club - sports car club out of Calgary. They have a good classified section.

Saskatoon Sports Car Club - they host races and driver training in Skoon town.

Sports Car Club of British Columbia - they host races, driver training for all things fast in Vancouver.

Vancouver Chinese Motorsport Club - Vancouver's fastest motorsport club.

Victoria Motor Sports Club - they host races and driver training on Vancouver Island.


Dorikaze Flags Buy and Sell - used vehicles for sale in Canada. - used vehicles for sale in Western Canada.


Dorikaze Flags Magazines

Grassroots Motorsports - America's Magazine of Amateur Motorsports


Dorikaze Flags Drifting & Rally Sport

D1NZ - Drift Championships held in New Zealand

Rally Pacific Motorsport, B.C. - RPM web site promoting stage& TSD rallysport BC Clubs - IRC & WRCA.

Rally Racing News - stats, races, all news!

WRC - World Rally Championship


Dorikaze Flags Other

Specialty Vehicle Association of British Columbia - A Registered Non-Profit Volunteer Society Serving B.C. Car Clubs And Enthusiasts

Speed TV - home of Rally Off-Road racing.

Toyota Nation - forums for everything Toyota.

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) - TRD USA website with info on the latest and greatest from TRD in the states.


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