Plarail – Nankai Rapi:t – S-35 南海ラピート

If you are looking for cool trains in Japan, look no further that the Nankai Rapi:t. I used to see it all the time when working at Aim English Studio (at the old Hamadera-koen location). Wyatt got the Plarail version for Christmas in 2013. The Plarail version lives up to its real life namesake in speed. It is one of the fastest if not the fastest in the Mercer family collection.

Plarail - Nankai Rapi:t

Nankai Rapi:t – S-35 南海ラピート Box

Name: Nankai Rapi:t – S-35 南海ラピート
Takara Tomy Name: S-35 南海ラピート
Power Source: 1xC Alkaline Battery
Manufacturer Number: 4904810677567
Release Date: 2003-10-05
Features: detachable cars
Service Type: Passenger

Plarail - Hankyu

Plarail Nankai Rapi:t – S-35 南海ラピート

In real life…


Rapi:t (ラピート rapiito) is a rapid train service between Kansai International Airport and Namba Station in Osaka, Japan. It is operated by Nankai Electric Railway, and the train service uses on the Nankai Main Line and the Airport Line. The name comes from the German word meaning rapid, pronounced [ʁaˈpiːt].

Nankai Rapi:t - S-35 南海ラピート - click for a larger image

Nankai Rapito – Kansai Airport Express circa. 2008

The futuristic and retro-style six-car Rapi:t trainsets, officially designated as the Nankai 50000 series, were designed by architect Wakabayashi Hiroyuki and won the Blue Ribbon Prize in 1995, 1 year after entering service.