Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

Memoirs of a GeishaIt is a shame but I must admit that I know nothing about Japan, especially it’s history, politics, government….which I should know. And if I had not have any chances to go outside of Japan, I doubt that I wouldn’t have even known of this fact. I think I am a typical, regular Japanese female and I guess this fact would be applied most of the people in my generation. I have heard so many times from the people who stayed in other countries long enough to be able to notice how we are blind and careless about our own country.

Well, I guess it is enough for me to go off how I am stupid and I had better start talking about a novel “Memoirs of a Geisha”. One of the reason I have told you I don’t know anything about Japan is led to this, I had a totally wrong idea for the word “Geisha”. Just like most of not Japanese people who have just a general idea of Japan, I had been thinking “Geisha” meant prostitute. I must apologize for me thinking so for a long time.

As I saw Craig had been really enjoying reading this novel, I couldn’t stop me start reading it myself. “Memoirs of a Geisha” is based on what a lady who used to be a geisha back in time had experienced and written very well, so in details. Geisha was not such thing anybody could become easily, it was a thing allowed to happen for just a tiny grip of people who were already talented and were with a very strong mind. “Geisha” is made from 2 words, “Gei” means art, skill, stunt and “Sha” means a person so Geisha is a word to describe a person who is with excellent skill.

The story is begun with the time before the war. A little girl Chiyo lived with her family in a small village. Her family was very poor with her sick mom, and Chiyo and her older sister were sold to Okiya where those girls were staying to get trained to be geisha. Since such girls were bought by Okiya for their families big debt, they had to endure how bad they were treated, it was better to have a place to sleep. Out of hundreds of those girls, it was a tip of iceberg who could be a Geisha to have a good Danna (supporter) after going through all kinds of tough things while they get trained. The story is about Chiyo became one of the best geisha in Gion yet there were so many people and history back ground involved in. We can realize how we human can effect on other’s life and we are so involved each other. Just one tiny little incident could destroy someone’s whole life and your smallest favor could lead you a great big success, on the other hand. I guess it was more so back then, before, during and after the war but still, we can not live on our own.

I liked Chiyo and Mameha’s way how to live a life for themselves and for someone. They both had a thing which never changed in their minds and I believe having one thing in our mind makes us different from others who don’t have one.
ISBN-13: 978-0099771517
Category: Fiction