KaToRiShiA Burger Bash at Namba Parks

Namba ParksLast Sunday, Kana and I got together with her best friends for a burger. There was Tomo, her husband Koichi and their baby Yusuke. Rie was there, a bit tired from work being so busy. Junya and Ai were also there which was great because they became engaged to be married on August 24th (Ai's birthday) and it was our first chance to celebrate with them…WAY TO GO GUYS!

We went to a restaurant at Namba Parks (a big shopping centre in Osaka) called Kua 'Aina (http://www.kua-aina.com/) which is a franchise of the really famous burger joint on the far side of Oahu, Hawaii.

The burgers were huge. Kana and I opted for the Bacon, Lettuce Tomato Sandwiches and they were awesome. Everyone else went for one of the burgers that came with a whole avocado on them. YIKES!

We had a great time eating and shopping in Namba Parks. If you ever get a chance to go to Namba Parks you will not be dissapointed. It is very open and airy with lots of plants and of course excellent stores.

Kua Aina at Namba ParksKua Aina at Namba Parks


KaToRiShiA at Kua AinaKaToRiShiA at Kua Aina