Kana is PREGNANT!!!

Hey All. Kana and I have been keeping some really big news quiet but it is time to let it out…KANA IS PREGNANT! I know, I know, we both said that we were going to wait until we returned to Canada to start the Mercer clan, however, God has a way of deciding when these things happen. They say the birth control pill is 99.9% effective, well I guess Kana is the .1% where it is not! So yeah, we got confirmation yesterday with an ultra sound and in the picture below you can see that the little Baby Mercer is already 2cm long and has a head and a heart beat.


Baby Mercer Ultrasound

Kana and I are just heading out to Nara to visit her best friend Tomo, with Ai and Rie (the other KaToRiShiA gang members) but I will make sure Kana posts some of her thoughts when we get back.

Cheers Everyone!