IT’S A GIRL! (99.9%)

Baby IconI visited the hospital for a regular check-up on November 2nd and we finally got to know the baby is a girl. YET, we still have to have that “There is always a chance of 0.1% happens” in our mind as what happened to us when we got pregnant and my friend Tomo got a baby boy when she had been told she was going to have a girl….

Anyway, the little girl has been growing in my tummy just fine and she weighs 1,932 grams now. I did the ultra sound check at the check-up and a doctor measured the size of the baby's head and waist, the length of the legs and the arms and everything was just perfect as if she was the one on a textbook! When the doctor tried to take a picture of her face, she was facing to a different way, however she turned herself so that we could see her face responding the doctor's request! My Mom and I found she looks like Craig in that picture.

I have been staying in a good health, which is good. Since I had been told I gained too much weight, in Japan women are taught to keep her weight not to gain more than 2kg in a month. By the way, I started to eat lots of beans instead of rice and I think it has been working very good.

Craig and I will have a “Parents Class” on the 19th of November as a preparation for us to do a big thing together on the special day. So we will tell you all about it later. It is going to be fun.

Hey, in Japanese custom we take a new born baby to a shrine to celebrate his/her birth and to wish his/her happiness, and Craig and I have decided we are not going to do it. Now I would like to ask you people who have read this article what do you do when you have a baby in your family in Canada? Is there any custom things? Should we prepare anything? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.