David Parkinson says SAYONARA to Osaka

SakuraWell as is always the case in Japan, it is time to say Good-bye to a friend. David who I met while working at Royal Kids is returning to England on Tuesday (April 2nd). He plans to travel Asia for a few months before actually getting back to England, so we wish him safe and happy travels.

For David’s “sayonara” Mika planned a Hanami (flower viewing) Party at a place called Sakura no miya (sakura means cherry blossom so I think you know what kind of flowers we were viewing). I made it down too late to see much of the flowers…it was dark when I got there. Still we were able to enjoy the good smell of the blossoms, some good food, some good drinks and of course good friends.

Mika, Me and David
Mika, Craig and David at Sakuranomiya Koen

Sayonara DAVID!