Beach Frown, Victoria, B.C. (2009) At Shigeru's, Kumatori, Japan (2005) At Wickaninnish, Ucluelet, B.C. (2014) At Ninja Mura in Mie, Japan (2005) Christmas, Victoria, B.C. (2012) Pre-Wedding Photos at Royal Roads Japanese Garden, Victoria (2004) Hatsumode at Ikuta Jinja, Kobe, Japan (2005) Sunset, Victoria B.C., (2009) No Limits Conference - Port Hardy, B.C. (2008) New Years, Victoria, B.C. (2012) Nabe Party, Victoria, B.C. (2009) Fujii Wedding, Osaka, Japan (2006) KaToRiShiA, Osaka, Japan (2011) At Grandpa's, Victoria, B.C. (2012) Royal Kids Reunion, Osaka, Japan (2011) The Toast, Victoria, B.C. (2012) Danjiri Matsuri, Kishiwada, Japan (2011)

Books on Japan

Craig read a lot of books on Japan when he first arrived and wrote some quick reviews that may be of interest to others.