A tribute to LANage (1998-2005)

LANageAfter a long career I retired the LANage website (www.lanage.ca) in October 2012. The domain was up for renewal and I could not think of a compelling reason to keep it up on the internet. However, I figured I should at least keep some of the materials from LANage avaiable to the internet and here is where they are, a tribute to LANage.

Back in 2000, Travis “fustainlach” Simpson, Brian “Kanuck” Howlett and I were roommates and headed up a local area network (LAN) gaming group called LANage. We used to host lan gaming parties where up to 16 folks would come over to the house and we’d game for an entire weekend. The core folks were:

Rod “Ralph” Apeldoorn
JP “Jippers” Chow
Abe “Xenocide” Friesen
Yascha “Lies” Friesen
Brian “Kanuck” Howlett
Tim “arkamedes” Levson
Craig “hachiroku” Mercer
Chris “TobyCat” Mueller
Francis “deJap” Porco
Scott “Retroporn” Rumpel
Travis “fustainlach” Simpson
Jordan “JMan” Taekema
Steve “Castor” Taekema
Mike “Retardical_Sam” Ward
Jason “Messiah” Wei


LANage Game Server Setup Guides


LANage Battlefield 1942 Unleashed: Episodes 1 & 2

They were good times indeed and we forged friendships back then that survive to this day. At the height of our LANage days we took to making films of in-game footage. The first one was actually done up by Retardical_Sam (Mike Ward) which inspired yours truly to get into making films which of course has led me to make dozens of short films on everything from Danjiri Matsuri to Plarail. Thanks Mike!

LANage Battlefield 1942 Unleashed: Episode 2 “Jacked Up and Good to Go!”

LANage Battlefield 1942 Unleashed: Episode 1 “Jeep Jumping”


Photos from LANage’s goneby

LANage at Trav and Chrissy's Wedding

LANage Members (Tobycat, JMan, Kanuck & deJap) with Guests at Travis and Chrissy’s wedding in 2004


LANage Members (Castor, Xenocide, Kanuck, fustainlach & deJap) at Gibfest 2001

Viper the virus man

Here I am giving a warm hug to Barry “Viper” Radford who has the unfortunate title of being the only person to bring a virus to a LANage lan. This was back in the days of Win98 and we all had to format our hard drives and rebuild them from scratch. Thanks Viper!