Welcome Chai!

We’d like to announce a new addition to the Mercer Family. Our new kitten Chai joined us about a week ago and is finally feeling safe enough to come out and socialize. She is beautiful and full of spunk! Welcome to the family Chai!

Chai beside Yuki

Chai up close.

Chai side profile.

Chai posing for the camera.

Wyatt’s Plarail Party

We’ve been building our Plarail collection over the last year and we got a big shipment of track sent over for Wyatt’s birthday. Obviously Kana, Yuki and I had to do most of the building since Wyatt is still a little young for three dimensional modelling. I tried to so some different things with the video (e.g.: putting the camera down at track level instead of the usual overhead shots) so this is mostly experimental and will hopefully lead to ever better plarail tracks and videos. So without further ado I give you “Wyatt’s Plarail Party – 2012-JUN-16”.

For more information on Plarail visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plarail.

6th Anniversary at Creyke Point, East Sooke Park

We spent our sixth anniversary out at East Sooke Park. It is a very serene location and not many people go out there. I remember doing field trips out there when I was in school and it always struck me a isolated yet very beautiful location. We picnicked out at Creyke Point (a rocky headland of unusual shapes against emerald green water – taken from the East Sooke Park Brochure http://www.crd.bc.ca/parks/documents/east_sooke_web_brochure_000.pdf).

We finished our day on the playground at Hans Helgesen Elementary School. Good times were had by all.
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Wyatt Haku Mercer’s 1ST Birthday Cake

As many of you know we live in a two bedroom basement suite which is not quite big enough to throw a birthday party for our son Wyatt (Haku) in. After thinking about what would work best we decided on Beacon Hill Park as the venue as it was large enough and we might even have some sunshine. We then invited our Japanese and Canadian friends to come and join us for a picnic party and some Lighthouse Bakery birthday cake goodness. Then in true Mercer style we allowed Wyatt to eat his first birthday cake any way he wanted (which helped us make the wonderful video below). Happy Birthday Wyatt but next year you’ll have to use a fork!
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Becky’s Birthday Surprise

We’ve been doing homegroup with Kathryn “Toad” Dunphy and Dan & Becky McGregor for a couple of years now and birthday’s are always a great time to see if we can surprise each other. We were able to pull it off as shown in the video short we created "Becky’s Surprise Birthday".

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A little something to tide us over till Christmas…

ChristmasHey Puritch Family,
I know that the Christmas season is soon approaching and was going through some photos and video clips from our 2007 get together at George & Elaine’s and threw a little something-something together to tide us over till this years’ party.

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Halloween 2009

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One of the funnest parts of being back in Canada is being able to celebrate Halloween. Grace Yuki loves to get dressed up in her lady bug costume and go “trick or treating”. After a quick visit from Angie and Dave we headed over to the Simpsons (Travis, Chrissy and baby Elias) where we went “trick or treating” in their neighbourhood. Yuki really got into the swing of it this year and had a super good time going door to door with Kana.
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Welcome to the family, Wyatt Haku Mercer!

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Wyatt Haku Mercer joined the human race Saturday, June 20th 2009 at 11:05AM Pacific Daylight Time weighing in at 3036 Grams (6 lbs 11 ounces for you non-metric types). Kana and Wyatt are doing very well and enjoying some much deserved rest at Victoria General Hospital.

Wyatt Haku Mercer

Wyatt Haku Mercer