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Dori-Kaze has been a group of old school Toyota enthusiasts, from all over Canada, who are grass roots car nuts that enjoy rally racing, autoxing, doing it yourself and learning in the process.

We love all old school Toyotas, however, a lot of us are into the fabled "hachiroku" (Japanese for eight [八] six[六]) a.k.a. the AE86. It is known by many names...Corolla Levin, the Sprinter Tureno and in Canada and the US as the Corolla GT-S. It was made by Toyota Corporation of Japan from mid-1984 until mid 1987 (model years from 1985 to 1987). To learn more about the history of the RWD Corollas click here. For a little history and background of the AE86 in particular read this primer written by Chris Migs. was our general information website, where the DK community interacts with the public. is our forums, where the DK community interacts with each other.

You may also be interested in our Technical Guides database which contains articles contributed by Dorikaze members and other old schoolers from around the world.

If you are from Canada and are interested in finding some other old schoolers in your neck of the woods, check out the members page.


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Dorikaze means...Drift Wind in Japanese.

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Dori is from "dorifuto" which is a Katakana translation of drift.

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Kaze (pronounced KAH - ZAY) means 'wind'.

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