Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Mercers’ Website!

WebWe’ve been unsure what to do with our site ever since we moved back from Japan in the spring of 2007 as the site was totally focused on our life in Japan. We’ve made some minor additions over the past five years but nothing substantial.

Over the past few weeks we decided it that this website is our family scrap book, a time line of important events and as much as Facebook contains a lot of our lives…it doesn’t allow us to present all of the content in the way we want to. So we are REBOOTING and RELAUNCHING our website in WordPress and will be adding content (e.g.: recipes, Kana’s thoughts on homeschooling, family events, Plarail trains etc) regularly. In fact we’ve been adding new content already!

Craig, Kana, Grace Yuki and Wyatt Haku Mercer

Welcome to the party Pal!

Welcome to the party Pal! – John McClane (Die Hard circa 1988)