Visiting Osaka in October 2008

Hello All,
We are planning on coming to Osaka for a visit arriving Wednesday, October 8th and leaving Saturday, October 25th. We are looking forward to visiting with all of our friends and family.

Wednesday Ocotber 8th Arrive at Kansai Airport
Thursday October 9th
Friday October 10th Day Trip to Kyoto
Saturday October 11th Danjiri Matsuri
Sunday October 12th Danjiri Matsuri
Monday October 13th KaToRiShiA
Tuesday Ocotber 14th
Wednesday October 15th
Thursday October 16th
Friday October 17th
Saturday October 18th Aim Halloween Party
Ex-Royal Kids Staff Dinner
Sunday October 19th
Monday October 20th
Tuesday October 21st
Wednesday October 22nd
Thursday October 23rd
Friday October 24th
Saturday October 25th Leave Kansai Airport

While in Osaka we will be staying with Kana’s folks in Kishiwada so you’ll know where we are.

See you all soon. 🙂