Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving IconThis weekend I am thankful for many things.

I’m thankful for my wife Kana who is a constant support and the love of my life. I’m thankful for our kids Yuki and Haku who fill our lives with so much fun.

I’m thankful for my Dad (Fred) who is facing the most difficult challenge of his life (he is suffering from terminal cancer). I’m thankful for my second Mom (Janice) who is supporting my Dad every step of the way. There is a line in most wedding vows “in sickness and in health”…I am pretty sure Janice can write the chapter on “in sickness”. So proud of you both…there are no words.

I’m thankful for friends who stick by me through thick and thin and who can help me explore the tough questions of life. The ones that don’t let me get away with stuff and help make me a better person.

I’m also thankful to have a job that puts food on the table and a roof over our heads. I’m thankful to have a great group of colleagues to work with.

I think most of all though, I am thankful that back when I was sixteen and I was really going down a bad path in life that God intervened and He turned my life around. Things have never been the same since and even though there are still dark times in my life…those times are nothing compared to back then. I’d like to take the credit for the changes in my life since then…but I can’t. So thank you God for being the best thing to ever happen to a bum like me!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(If you’ve read this far…please note that not all things I am thankful for are listed here as there is not enough room to contain it…suffice it to say that these are some of the highlights) 🙂