Sayonara from Osaka UPDATE

Hello All.

Sorry we have been so short on the news lately! But moving between countries is a lot of work!

We are all doing good. Grace Yuki has just started walking this past two weeks or so and is enjoying it greatly as are her parents!

Also I have added some more recent photos to the gallery, with more to come when I find the time (if I find the time)

Here is the list of upcoming stuff:

  • Friday March 30th – David’s sayonara at Sakuranomiya by Osakajyo
  • Saturday March 31st – Kana’s sayonara with the KaToRiShiA
  • Saturday April 7th – Craig’s sayonara with the Royal Kids Crew
  • Monday April 9th – Craig, Kana & Grace’s sayonara at Bayside Mall (5pm to 8pm)

So yeah there ya go we got more sayonara parties going on than we can shake a stick at. Hopefully all of our friends in Japan can make it to one or another.