Plarail – EF510 Red Thunder (S-39 EF510レッドサンダー)

Red Thunder is the other Plarail train we picked up in Osaka. I figured it would be good to offset the uber cool Shinkansen 500 Series with a little freight pulling goodness. The Red Thunder certainly has more pulling power as it is powered by a ‘C’ size battery whereas the 500 series has an ‘AA’ battery for it’s power source.

PlaRail - EF510
EF510 “Red Thunder” Box

Name: EF510 Red Thunder
Takara Tomy Name: S-39 EF510レッドサンダー
Power Source: 1xC Alkaline Battery
Manufacturer Number: 4904810763956
Release Date: 2007-09-20
Features: detachable cars
Service Type: Freight Train

PlaRail - EF510
Plarail EF510 Red Thunder

In real life…


The Class EF510 locomotives are Bo-Bo-Bo wheel arrangement multi-voltage AC/DC electric locomotives operated by JR Freight and East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in Japan.

The design used many components common with the JR Freight Class EF210, and was intended to replace ageing JNR Class EF81 locomotives on freight services operating along the Sea of Japan coastal routes. The first locomotive, EF510-1, was delivered in February 2002 and initially based at Shin-Tsurumi Depot.

The first full-production locomotive, EF510-2, was delivered in November 2003, and this and subsequent locomotives delivered featured “Red Thunder” bodyside branding.

As of 1 April 2009, the fleet totalled 16 locomotives (EF510-1 to EF510-16). Four EF510 locomotives are scheduled to be delivered during fiscal 2009. None are on order for fiscal 2010.