Osaka Update

Hey Everyone. Sorry for being so long between updates but life has been hectic.

I just finished my third full week at Royal Kids. The kids are now on Spring Break with the new school year (the school year in Japan runs from April to March) starting in a couple of weeks.

I am now the official teacher for the Kindergarten Class (ages 4-5). I am taking over the class from an English fellow named David who is helping Royal Kids get their new school up and running in Nara. My Japanese co-worker Madoka and I will have 12-14 kids in our class and start using a new curriculum in April. Should be good times and I will try to get some pics up in the Photo Gallery soon.

Kana just landed a new job but I will let her post some news about that.

There is also two REALLY important announcements for the Puritch family….first George & Kristen have welcomed a new member into their family, little baby Madison Elaine Puritch joined the clan on March 16 who weighed in at 7 lbs 6 oz

The second big news item is that Cousin James and his girlfriend Yvette got engaged. Note to James: get us the date asap so we can begin looking for cheap flights.

Huge congrats to George and Kristen on little Madison, also to James and Yvette on their engagement and of course to Kana for her new job which starts in a week.

I am working on a couple more videos of our recent excursions and hope to have them finished in the next couple of weeks.