NEW Mercers website LIVE and other things…

ChristmasMerry Christmas everyone. I know the burning question on everyone's mind is “Did Kana have the baby yet?” The answer is no, not yet, but the Doctor says it should be any day. During the check up at the hospital today the Doc said he figures the baby just likes being in Mom too much.

In other news, the NEW website is live now, as you probably already noticed. This version is a little brighter and a little more organized.

If you haven't done so already, or you want to again, please take a minute to sign the Friends page and wish us some Christmas cheer.

Thanks to everyone who has made this first year in Japan fun and exciting (Yoshio, Shigeru & Akiko, Mr. & Mrs. Sei, Nakamura-san, Brent & Yoshie, the KaToRiShiA, Toni, Daniel, Narelle, Madoka, Eiko and the rest of the folks at Royal Kids International School, Mac & Aya, all the folks at AIM English Studio, Matsumoto-san [my hairdresser], and everyone we forgot to mention…we know who you are!). And of course, to all our friends and family back home, we sure do miss you guys.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!