Kana gets new job with Business Across Cultures (BAC)

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I’m starting a new job tomorrow.

Some of you have known that how my former job was boring and I hate that. Well, things have been changed by “the power”. If there hadn’t been a power, I don’t think everything would have worked just fine like this.

Well, Brent Conkle whom I met when I worked at DHL and whom I call “Big brother” runs his own company in Tokyo. He offered me a job opportunity and I’m working with him, for him. What they do is providing English learning curriculum and native teachers to Japanese companies. So there are native teachers whom I’ll work with in Osaka.

He is in Tokyo, head office is in Tokyo so I guess you think “HOW???” I know that is the question most of people would ask me. Well, Craig has already set up a small office space for me at upstairs in my parent’s house and I work here. Yes, this is the greatest part of my new job, isn’t it?

Basically I will be in charge of administrative work and maybe will do some other things such as recruiting native teachers or little bit of managing stuff eventually.

It’s going to be a big challenge for me, that’s for sure. It’s also an exciting stuff, needless to say and I think will be able to tell you more about my new job soon.