I’m Pregnant NO DOUBT!

Baby IconHello everyone.

Craig mentioned earlier I'm going to tell you more about “being pregnant”. What can I tell? Well, it's been pretty tough. I get nauseous in the morning and the evening, when I am hungry and when I am full. I mean I haven't been able to eat that much lately. Actually I've lost 3kg in 3 weeks. I eat a little many times a day. I'm in my 9th week now and one of the nurses said to me, “You will be okay maybe around week 15” on Saturday when we had the 2nd visit to the hospital. Okay, 6 more weeks. NICE!

As many of experienced women know, I tend to like to have a meal cold not warm nor hot because I smell the stuff. Once I got pregnant, I found I got very sensitive to the smell, anything. I haven't had any meat for almost a month now, I just can't handle it. Right, ladies? What I like to eat, I should say what I can put in my mouth are water, popsicle, maybe tomatoes, it's strange tomatoes were only food I could eat a couple weeks ago but they are not anymore. In this couple of days, I got to be able to eat toast with cheese on it. I even had a piece of cake this afternoon. YAY! Yet, I have no idea what is my favorite food going to be tomorrow.

Of course, there is a great thing being pregnant. When I first saw a little heart was beating on the screen, that was the fantastic, most amazing moment ever! Just a tiny little thing but it is alive. I can understand why women can endure many tough things during the pregnancy. I have two hearts and I can't explain how this is the wonderful thing. Sure, the morning sickness is quite a thing to deal with, however, if you knew there is one little thing in your body trying to get bigger and taller, we should get something happening to our body.

Now I really appreciate what have happened to Craig and me. There are hundreds of thousands of things I should learn about and I am happy to do it. We will tell you more later.