Granny Gertrude Mercer has passed away…

Gertrude Mercer

Gertrude Mercer December 9th, 1913 – October 8th, 2006

Grandma Mercer (my Dad’s Mom) passed away on Sunday October 8th at 12:00am NDT (Newfoundland Daylight Time). She was 93 years old and led a good long life. It is unfortunate that Kana, Gracie and I were unable to visit Newfoundland before Granny passed away. But we know she is in a better place and one day we will see her again.

Granny Mercer had not been out to the west coast for a long time (not since I
was a boy). But one of the highlights of our Christmas mornings was talking to
Granny Mercer back in Newfoundland on the telephone. It was one of the few times I remember listening to someone, besides Uncle Paul, talking with a “Newfie” accent
(since Dad lost his)!

Auntie Diane, Granny Mercer and Uncle Ken

Auntie Diane, Granny Mercer and Uncle Ken (Dad’s younger brother) in 1999

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family and friends in Newfoundland during this time of mourning. May God bless you and keep you close.

The song is ended, but the melody lingers on…
Irving Berlin