Grace Yuki Mercer UPDATE

Hello Everyone. I am back from the hospital with some more pictures and some more information on how today unfolded. God is good.

Well you should have known all of this by now but my email list failed me.

Grace Yuki Mercer was born this morning at 10:17AM JST. She weighs 2.9KG or 2900 grams.

Kana started having contractions around 3:30AM, when I got up she was like “Hmm Honey…the baby is coming.” So Chie, Mom, Kana and I piled into Chie’s car and headed to Kaizuka Hospital (about a 15 minute drive away). There she was whisked into the delivery room where I joined her soon after. The Nurses and Doctors said that Kana’s delivery was awesome because it was so short and there were no complications. In fact Kana gave a 100% natural child birth…no drugs or nothing…YOU GO MAMA!

Kana will stay in the hospital until Monday the 26th (so we are postponing Christmas until our BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER can make it home from the hospital). It was tough leaving her there tonight, but she is in good hands as is Grace.

So yeah, apparently my mailing list failed this morning so no one got the emails as it happened. YIKES! I have included a copy of the emails I sent from my cell phone:

Okay everyone, Kana has gone into labour and we are heading to the hospital as we speak. I will be emailing updates from my cell phone to this list as things progress. We appreciate your prayers at this crucial time for the Baby Mercer!

8:07AM JST
We just arrived at Kaizuka Hospital. Kana’s contractions are 5 minutes apart! More to follow…

11:11AM JST
Hey! Grace Yuki Mercer was born at 10:17AM JST weighing in at 2.9KG! Mom and Grace are doing GREAT!

5:42PM JST
Grace hanging out! BY THE WAY you can reply to these emails from my cell phone just keep em short! (this email had the Baby Room [see below] picture attached originally)

Okay well there ya go! I think everyone is up to speed now. If you want to email some wishes to Kana you can to her cell phone (she has it at the hospital)! Below are some pictures for your enjoyment! Click them for larger images.

Mom and Daughter

Daughter Grace with Mom Kana shortly after being born

Grace in the Baby Room with The Gang

Grace hanging out in the Baby Room with “The Gang”

Grace in the Baby Room

Grace sleeping in the Baby Room

Happy Parents

Craig & Kana…the Happy Parents