Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don’t Know – Craig Hill

3 Stars = Good Read for Most

Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don't Know - Craig HillA gift from my Mom. She knew we were well into our war on debt and this handy little book got us thinking about more than just paying down debt. It got us thinking about the future and also what legacy we might leave for our descendants.The five wealth secrets are:

  1. Use Jars
  2. Focus on Vision
  3. Invest in Multiplication
  4. Anticipate Economic Cycles
  5. Leave an Inheritance for Two Generations

This book is heavily influenced by the Bible but that should not scare off non-believers as most of the wisdom will resonate apart from the scriptural references. The only down side of the book I saw was the section where Mr. Hill seems to be talking about multi-level marketing (in the invest in multiplication) even though he discounts MLM, I just wish he would have discounted it more. I also don’t believe that the 5 jars are needed as the tithe has been superseded in the New Testament by offerings so we in fact use 4 jars instead of 5. Those are two pretty minor critiques in what is otherwise a good book to get you thinking about what happens once you’ve paid your debt off.

Everyone who reads this book will get different things out of it. It’s not for everyone but it did encourage us to start thinking seriously about the investment jar and what to do with that in addition to very long term planning (e.g.: leaving a legacy for two generations).

Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don’t Know
Author: Craig Hill
ISBN-10: 1881189651
ISBN-13: 978-1881189657