Craig lands new job at AIM English Studio

Aim English Studio Logo

As the due date (December 27th) for the Baby Mercer has been approaching, Kana and I have been trying to simplify our lives a little more and make it more “baby friendly”. One of the things I have been looking to simplify is my job. After watching the want ads I decided to interview and landed a job at AIM English Studio which only about 20 minutes away from the house (where as Royal Kids is about an hour).

I tendered my resignation on October 21st to Royal Kids International School and my last day there will be November 25th. I won’t start the new job at AIM until January 5th, 2006 as I planning on having all of December off to look after Kana and drive her to the hospital (now that I have a Japanese licence) etc.

AIM English Studio has been in operation since 1982 and is the brainchild of one Mikiko Nakamoto, the author of the “Learning World” ESL/EFL text book series, which apparently is the second best selling series in Japan. I will be teaching English to many age groups and work from the afternoon into the evenings freeing me up to help out Kana and baby in the mornings.