Craig gets job at Royal Kids International School

Royal Kids Logo

It is 9:14pm here in Osaka and I got home about 45 minutes ago. The short of it is that I got the job at Royal Kids International School.

They put me in the infant class (as I later found out everyone does the infant class on their trial day) as it is the toughest class (ages 1-2). So if you can make it in the infant class you can make it in any class.

The Owners of the School (Mr. & Mrs. Okumura) were coming for a Staff Meeting at 6:30pm and wanted to meet me. So after working the day and then shaking the owners’ hands…they said I was hired. Must have been quite a hand shake.

So I start tomorrow morning 9:30 to 6:30 Monday to Friday with the odd Saturday class thrown in once in awhile.

When all is said and done it took sending out the resume to 6 schools and interviewing at 2 of them to land a job that is just what I needed.