First of all, thanks so much everyone for the cards, e-mails and gifts. We very much appreciate all of you, needless to say.

Well, almost 20 days have passed since beautiful Grace was born. She is such a great baby, and Craig and I are so happy. Even when she is sleeping, we just can not take our eyes off from her, you know what I mean. Even her crying makes me happy because I can know she is alive. It is strange but I feel like I am still in a dream once in a while. Giving baby a birth is surely an experience which is very hard, with lot of pain but with a joy never be to compare to anything. Holding still wet Grace in my arms and feeling her warmth gave me a feeling that I had never imagined I would. I will never forget that feeling, Grace's warmth and Craig's face looking at us with teary eyes.

Grace Yuki has been growing up just fine and basically seeing every single change on her is what I do.

Craig is a great Dad already. He helps me a lot with changing diaper (he is a Master), putting Grace into a sleep in the middle of the night with a wicked songs (he is a Professional), and holding Grace in his arms when she is not in a good mood (he is an Expert).

Anyways, Grace's existence has changed everything and we are just happy with this reality. I can't wait to see her growing up and bringing us great joy one and another. I am still a new mom and know there are lots to learn from now on but I know at the same time that I have Craig and Grace Yuki to learn together. New Team Mercer has just launched.