Baby Mercer has a December 30th due date

Baby IconHello All.

Thank you so much for all your emails of blessing to Kana and I! We have really enjoyed reading them and hope to be able to respond to most of them soon.

Of course the biggest question on everyone's mind is: “When is the little Mercer due?“. Well God willing and all that good stuff, the Doc figures that Kana is due on December 30th. So sounds like a New Years Baby if all goes well.

The second biggest question is “Where are you having the baby?”. We are planning to have the baby here in Osaka.

Kana's morning, afternoon and evening sickness has been pretty brutal and we are hoping that like all the research says, she should start feeling better by the end of week 14….which means only 3 more weeks to go…FRICKA FRACKA!

I knew being pregnant was not easy but I have a new found respect for all Mother's. Thank You Moms.

Okay, that is a little quick update on what is happening. Hope you all are doing awesome.